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Can I get banned?

Pengu Loader is totally safe to use.

Does it affect the in-game?


Regions support?

Pengu Loader works for all regions, including Tencent server.

MacOS support?

Coming soon.

Reloading the Client causes high memory usage?

The League Client is designed for single loading only. If you reload it using the Ctrl+Shift+R key or via Chrome DevTools, the Client will reload its interface. But there will be mostly old resources, that may cause memory leaks.

RunDLL error?

Your antivirus ate/blocked the Loader's core DLL.

Missing runtime?

Try installing the VC++ 2015-2019 runtime.

LeagueClientUx.exe - System Error?

Make sure you have been deactivated the Loader before removing it.

The Client looks like Discord glass themes?

Check out the Acrylical theme, or some similar themes.

For theme developers, you should use the Effect API in your theme.

Followed the instructions, but the plugin/theme does not work?

If you have been renamed some files, be sure this File Explorer option is unchecked, then recheck your file names.

My v0.6.0 and v1.0.1 did not work?

After LoL patch 13.8, all previous versions will not work anymore due to 64-bit Client update. Please download the latest version right now.

Released under the WTF License.