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Since v1.1.0, we bring to you a new Command Bar that can provide access to app-level commands and can be used with any navigation pattern.

Let's press Ctrl + K to open the Command Bar.

Keyboard shortcuts:

  • Use arrow Down and Up to nagivate the selection.
  • Press Enter or just click on an action to execute it.
  • Press ESC to close the Command Bar.

To add your custom actions, please use the APIs below.


functionsince v1.1.0
function addAction(action: Action): void

Add a new action item to the Command Bar. It will automatically update even when showing.


  • action: An object that describes action information with these properties
interface Action {
  id?: string       // (optional) an unique idetifier for the action
  name: string      // action's name
  legend?: string   // (optional) action's note/legend or shortcut key
  tags?: string[]   // (optional) tags or keywords to search
  icon?: string     // (optional) <svg> HTML tag in string
  group?: string    // (optional) group name
  hidden?: boolean  // (optional) hide the action, except for search results
  perform?: (id?: string) => any  // called when the action is executed 

functionsince v1.1.0
function show(): void

Show the Command Bar programmatically if it was hidden.


functionsince v1.1.0
function update(): void

Manually trigger the Command Bar to update its items. Only use this function if your added actions are not updating.

Released under the WTF License.